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Local RV Dealership Achieves 67% Sales Growth with Strategic Digital Marketing


Triple H RV Dealership, a prominent local business, grappled with low lead generation and stagnant sales. The dealership sought to amplify its online presence and broaden its reach, targeting RV enthusiasts in their specific geographic area. They needed a robust digital marketing strategy to attract and convert potential customers into qualified leads.


As a seasoned digital marketing agency, our team developed a customized plan for Triple H RV Dealership. We started with in-depth audience research to pinpoint the dealership’s target demographic and their location. This insight was key in crafting highly targeted Google ads and social media advertising campaigns.

We harnessed the power of native advertising across popular social platforms and Google, creating ad content that resonated deeply with our audience’s interests. This approach was crucial in drawing engagement and directing potential buyers to the dealership.

Retargeting was a pivotal element of our strategy. By utilizing dynamic catalog ads showcasing RV models that had piqued customer interest, we created personalized, attention-grabbing advertisements. This strategic retargeting kept the dealership in the forefront of consumers' minds, significantly boosting the likelihood of sales conversions.


The impact of our comprehensive digital marketing campaign was remarkable. In just the first two weeks, Triple H RV Dealership witnessed an exponential increase in lead generation, with over 1,100 leads at an average cost of around $2.5 per lead. This period marked the dealership’s most successful sales stretch to date.

Our targeted approach in Google ads and native social media advertising not only enhanced brand visibility but also attracted a surge of highly qualified leads. The integration of dynamic retargeting with catalog features played a significant role in escalating customer engagement, culminating in a substantial uptick in sales.

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