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California Auto Dealer Partners with Premier PPC Agency for Pandemic-Era Success


During the pandemic, compounded by the chip manufacture crisis, the automotive industry faced unprecedented challenges. Fastrack, a leading California auto dealer, turned to our team, a renowned marketing and advertising agency, to boost car buyer engagement and enhance inventory acquisition.


Our team, leveraging our expertise as a top PPC agency, took a deep dive into the car buyer's journey. We crafted a scalable and personalized chatbot solution, transforming it into an online brand ambassador for Fastrack. This innovative approach integrated seamlessly with both their website and Facebook Messenger.

To hyper-target local audiences and initiate transactional conversations, we employed a strategic mix of on-Facebook lead forms and chatbot interactions. This method aligned perfectly with our philosophy: "With powerful consumer insights mixed with authentic brand purpose, we create experiences, not just ads." - UNI Team.


Our CRM integration strategy yielded immediate results, generating high-quality, ready-to-nurture leads from day one. Working in tandem with Fastrack's sales team, we fine-tuned the chatbot to align with their workflow, receiving positive feedback on both the quality and quantity of leads.

The use of on-Facebook leads, coupled with detailed queries like "Do you need finance?", significantly enhanced lead pre-qualification, streamlining the lead nurturing process.

Our advertising agency's skilled ad buyers optimized the ad spend remarkably, achieving an average cost per on-Facebook lead of just $2.7, and a stellar $1.22 for Messenger leads with an initial budget of $1500. This strategic use of Facebook ads and Google ads played a crucial role in this success.

Furthermore, Fastrack experienced a 63% surge in in-store traffic, largely attributed to the increased number of test drives and trade-in appointments, a direct result of our focused and effective digital marketing strategy.

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