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California Auto Dealer Discovers Their Best Practice In Pandemic


When the auto industry was hit because of the pandemic and the chip manufacture problem, we've been asked to help Fastrack generate car buyers and acquire inventory at the same time.


After our team took a step back and looked at the car buyers' journey, we decided to build a scalable and personalized chatbot to respond automatically to local customers and be their true brand ambassador online.

We managed to integrate the chatbot with their website and Facebook Messenger. Based on that, we curated a tailored marketing strategy that leverages on-Facebook lead form and the chatbot to hyper-target the local audiences and to start transactional conversations their sales team can easily pick up.

"With powerful consumer insights mixed with authentic brand purpose, we make experiences, not ads."

- UNI Team


With the CRM integration set up, we are able to consistently send ready-to-nurture leads from day 1. From working closely with the sales team regarding adapting the chatbot to their workflow, feedback on the quality and quantity of the leads was absolutely great.

The on-Facebook leads with detailed questions like "Do you need finance?", helped pre-qualify the leads and reduce the human labor spent on nurturing leads.

With the first $1500 spent on ads, our ad buyer was able to optimize the cost per on-Facebook lead down to $2.7 on average, and $1.22 for messenger leads.

On the other hand, we saw a 63% increase in-store traffic due to the amount of test-drive and trade-in appointments we brought in.

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