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Enterprise Solution Boosts Qualified Leads Acquisition through Strategic Google Ads Campaigns


CrafterCMS, an innovative CMS platform designed for enterprise-level clients, sought to enhance its paid search strategy to attract more qualified leads without increasing ad spend.


CrafterCMS's previous campaigns were not yielding the desired quality in leads, impacting the sales pipeline and overall growth. The key challenges were to:

👉 Improve the quality and quantity of leads within the existing ad budget.

👉 Increase visibility and conversions on Google Ads. (mainly Search campaigns)

👉 Streamline ad spend towards the most impactful keyword themes.


Strategic Approach

We initiated a comprehensive analysis of CrafterCMS’s existing campaigns, focusing on event tracking and keyword optimization. Our strategy was structured around three core components:

1. Event Tracking and Analysis:

We implemented advanced event tracking to understand user interactions that matter the most.Analyzed user behavior to identify patterns and preferences for more precise targeting.

2. Keyword Theme Optimization:

Conducted in-depth keyword research to identify themes that align with qualified leads.Refined the ad spend, directing it toward keywords that demonstrated high intent and relevance to CrafterCMS's offerings.

3. Campaign Diversification:

Launched a variety of campaigns, including Search, Smart, and Performance Max (PMAX), to test and identify the most effective approaches.Continuously optimized the campaigns based on performance data, focusing on the ones delivering the best results.


Our strategic approach to CrafterCMS's digital marketing efforts not only met but exceeded their objectives:

👉 Increased Lead Quality: We successfully boosted the number of qualified leads for CrafterCMS.

👉 Consistent Conversion Growth on Google Ads: Achieved 25 monthly consistent conversions within the first two months.

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