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An Automotive dealer turn-around their Google Ads performance within a few months.


Alfa Romeo Dealer approached us due to inefficiencies in their existing Google Ads campaigns, primarily plagued by tracking and unqualified traffic.


After initial research, we found out that the main challenges were:

❌Tracking wasn't installed correctly and was missing conversions.

❌lack of a coherent structure in their Google Ads campaigns.

❌Broad keyword matching was indiscriminately used, leading to unqualified traffic and wasted expenditure.


To address these challenges, we implemented a robust restructuring of their campaign. This included:

👉Installed tracking correctly using Google Tag Manager and set relevant primary/secondary converisons for events like Vehicle detail Page View, Vehicle Catalog View, Form submissions & etc.

👉Launched Structured Search Campaigns to separate search intentions with match types. As well as we created 10+ negative keywords to help eliminate conflicts between campaigns.

👉Launched Performance Max (PMAX) with visual targeting to enhance ad relevance and engagement.


The restructuring led to a significant enhancement in campaign efficiency. The graph below illustrates a dramatic increase in lead generation, optimizing the client’s spend and maximizing their return on investment.

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