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A Firefighter Born to Save Lives Fires Up A Nutrition Brand


A lack of marketing experience in the business led to several setbacks. The brand needed to flourish and reach more people.


One thing the client was made aware of, was all the new marketing techniques that needed to be used to bring in traffic. The brand also needed a new look to the website to make it easier for customers to navigate through its online store.

Our team managed to combine the client’s backstory with the website. It was a guaranteed way to make it unique, attractive, and trustworthy. The client had a small social media presence, mainly on Instagram. We helped them expand the company's sales avenue with a trackable result by including more social platforms in the marketing plan.

"Our secret solves the mysteries of the market."

- UNI Team


With the above idea set and ready to go, the campaigns came rushing out. The client first came to us reaching only about 2000-3000 people with his ads. This was our turn to help him reach a wider audience.

The first week of the campaign, we started with a $50/Day boosting strategy on Facebook as a test-run. Within the first day, we achieved 10x the ROI the client was receiving before our intervention.

After that... We upped the campaign to $10k per month and returned 4.4 times the client’s investment.

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